Super bright white solar string lights and much more!

Solar Brite Deluxe 3 x 20LED Solar Flower Stem Lights

Solar Brite Deluxe 3 x 20LED Solar Flower Stem Lights


Multipurpose – Ideal for creating that special magical mood for parties, around ponds, beds & borders and just about anywhere else you can think to use them! These flower stem lights make for a great attraction at any outdoor dining event and are also a great way to light pathways and garden ornaments.

Eco friendly – Go green this year and save up to 100% on energy costs with these high quality solar powered flower stem lights. Solar lights really are a great option not only for the home and garden but for the planet as well.

Free to run – No running costs, no expensive wiring and absolutely no mains electricity required. LEDs need hardly any energy and the light bulbs last a lifetime so you don’t ever have to replace the bulbs like you do with conventional lighting systems.

Easy to install – Solar Brite is easy to set up. Simply remove from the packaging and put them wherever you desire. Add some life to your garden with this beautiful set of 3 solar flower stem lights. Choose any position in beds, borders or pots and move easily if you so desire.

Choose an effect – the panel comes with a switch to choose from flashing or constant light. The panel also gives you the option to turn the lights off if you wish to. When ‘on’ the sensor in the panel automatically turns the lights on when it gets dark.


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If you are someone who enjoys spectacular lights with a sophisticated look after dusk then Solar Brite is for you!

The lights turn on at dusk and give any situation a whole new look when darkness falls creating an amazing effect when the sun goes down.This truly beautiful set of three, 20 LED solar flower stem lights are very simple to install with no mains wiring making them far safer than any mains equivalent. They recharge themselves during the day and, when they sense darkness falling, automatically switch on and light up creating an amazing mood and ambiance. We know you will not be disappointed with the bright white glow that Solar Brite delivers.

Batteries included

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