Super bright white solar string lights and much more!

Solar Brite Portable Solar Charger

Solar Brite Portable Solar Charger

£29.99 £5.95

Charges all devices that use your USB cable to charge (subject to the capacity capabilities of the device to be charged)

Beautiful retail packaging with magnetic closure

LED Power Indicator

Solar or USB charging capability




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Use the power of the sun anywhere you go, charge all devices on the move at no extra cost!

This sleek, portable Solar Powered Charger can charge your devices using power from the sun. Whether it’s your iPod, iPhone, Android Phone, camera or other device that needs charging, this charger is fit for the task. It has a USB input and a Micro USB input as well, equipping it with the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously. This makes it a perfect camping tool, for instance, along with a wide range of other applications. This small, low cost unit functions the same way as traditional power packs, except with solar power. The 0.4W Solar Panel turns sun rays into power which charges your devices. There is no better way to ensure you have power when you need it.

Essential for a device that is meant to be taken anywhere, the unit is weatherproof providing a real solution for camping, boat trips, ski trips, travelling, business trips and a whole lot more Dual power: battery charge/solar supply: Store power for later use, or charge directly from sunlight.

Solar panel: 0.4W
Input: DC 5V 500mA
Output: DC 5.5V 800mA
Li-polymer battery: 1800mA/h
Unit measurements: 11.7cm x 7.2cm x 1.1cm

Easily charge your iDevice/Android/Blackberry/Camera and other electronic gadgets that uses your USB cable to charge.

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